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The Block is a distillery in Denver, CO that makes #everydamndrop in house.

Summer Gin

Bold Citrus - Refreshing - Bright.

Just floatin' in a kiddey pool pals sippin' gin on the hottest day of the year. Lookin' good Orange! Lemon, you dog. Woof! Yep. The gang's all here.


Autumn Gin

Unapologetic - Spicy - Transforming.

The moon is full and looming, but don't worry becau-aaah! Sorry. Cardamom and cinnamon just morphed into peppercorn and juniper. I thought it was a werewolf.



Wheat, Oat & Barley.
Unfiltered - Damn Delicious.
That's right, our vodka is naked as the day it was distilled. No gimmicks. No filtering. One distillation. 
You're welcome.