Introducing 225. The Block’s yearly, members only, limited quarterly bottle release, cocktail discount, early whiskey entry, club of beautiful shenanigans. 225 is absolutely and strictly limited to 225 members per year. Must be 21+ to become a member. A Year #1 - 225 membership includes:

  • A quarterly bottle release of product that will NOT be available to the general public.

    • These releases will span across all spirits; eau-de-vies, liqueurs, barreled spirits, aperitifs, etc. These spirits might be used behind The Block’s bar, however they will not be for sale in bottles to anyone not holding a membership. 

    • Each member will receive two 375ml bottles of each release. These bottles will be designed with unique branding specific to 225. Images of the bottle coming shortly.

    • There will be a party for each release that ONLY club members will be allowed to attend. No friends, spouses, etc. outside of the club. The party will feature cocktails showcasing the spirit being released, of which will only be available during the party. 

    • Each release will contain a printed cocktail recipe for members. Depending on the recipe, it could also contain specialty mixers. 

    • If a member is unable to attend the release their bottles will be stored for no longer than 60 days. After which they will offered for sale to other members. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    • Bottles will NOT be shipped. Pick up only. Members can have a friend pick up their bottles with a minimum 3 day notification to The Block. Full name will be required with ID presented during pick up. 

    • Members will be allowed to purchase any extra bottles from each release, if available. 

  • Each member will receive a leather and brass keychain made by local Denver leather maker Silver Hand. The keychain will designate the current year of the club and the membership number 1 through 225 (i.e. 1-003). 

    • When the member presents the keychain at The Block bar they will receive $2 off EACH drink. This only applies to the member, not the entire party. 

    • Bottles purchased at The Block bar will be discounted $2 off each bottle with presentation of keychain. Excludes whiskey.

    • Merchandise purchased at The Block bar will be discounted 15% with presentation of keychain. 

    • Discounts will only be applied with presentation of keychain. The bartender recognizing the club member does not count and the discount will not be honored. 

    • Keychains will be delivered during the first bottle release. Discounts will be honored starting that day and last through the first bottle release of the next year’s TWO TWO FIVE. 

  • The Block’s first whiskey release is expected to be in December of 2019. Members will have early entry to the release and thus first right to buy whiskey from The Block.

    • There will be a strict ONE bottle per member enforcement for that day.

    • More whiskey may be purchased following the day of release.  

    • The whiskey will also be available for tastings at the bar during the party. 

  • Year 1 members get the first right to purchase Year 2.

    • There will be a one month window for current members to resubscribe for the following year’s club.

    • After the window ends memberships will be released to the general public

225 club
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